Is your website Archive Ready?

Announcement: ArchiveReady user meeting at iPRES2016

An ArchiveReady user meeting will take place during the IPRES 2016 in Bern, Switzerland. The meeting is organized by the German Literature Archive, who used ArchiveReady for their project „Preserving German Net Literature And Making It Long-Term Available“. Users of ArchiveReady are invited to talk about the different use cases of the tool and their experience with it. Those interested in the tool are welcome to join and gain an impression of ArchiveReady.

When? 2016/10/03 - 2 pm

Where? Swiss National Library, room M026 Francesco Chiesa

If you plan to attend the meeting, please contact Stephanie Kuch from the German Literatur Archive:

What is ArchiveReady?

An online tool which evaluates if a website will be archived correctly by web archives, such as the Internet Archive.

Who is it for?

Web professionals who need to check if their websites are archive ready.
Web archive engineers who need to evaluate target websites before harvesting and ingestion.
Students who need to learn more about digital archiving.

How much does it cost? is completely FREE for personal use. Large scale use of the API as well as technical and scientific support is available on a fee. Please contact the author to learn more.


ArchiveReady is a big support and it's easy to use. For me, as a librarian with a limited technical background, this application has become an essential part of my daily work archiving websites.

Jochen Walter, DLA Marbach

Why bother?

Because not all websites are archive ready and this may result in invalid web archives and ultimately in information loss.

How does it work?

ArchiveReady analyses your website (i.e. HTML, Images, CSS, JS, Sitemaps) and performs complex evaluations in order to calculate Website Archivability from a set of Archivability Facets: Accessibility, Cohesion, Metadata & Standards Compliance.

Do you need more information?

Banos V., Manolopoulos Y., Web Content Management Systems Archivability, ADBIS 2015.

Banos V., Manolopoulos Y.: A quantitative approach to evaluate Website Archivability using the CLEAR+ method, International Journal on Digital Libraries (Springer), 12 March 2015. Springer Link · BIB

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